Friday, Bread, Unfuckening, and Fiddling About

Me and my chronic difficulty with instructions are trying to install Stencyl and Minecraft in Linux. My Beloved is rescheduling so that shared time between myself and Adorable is a bit more fair.

To that end, my Patreon posts will likely be happening on Monday or the weekend. I'll see which is more amenable.

I'll pop an announcement up on my Patreon this morning.

I have one loaf in the incubator, and the other is stowed in the little fridge. I'm finishing up my meds and beverages before strolling out to sanitise the catio.

THEN I get on with my offerings for y'all.

One set of Stencyl installation instructions didn't work. So I try the next set. And so on until I either install a thing.

I also need to work on a few documents so there's LOTS to do while I wait for the alarms to go off.

Best to get a wriggle on.