Challenge #04134-K116: Peak Performance

A new, rather strange, band formed that was a mix of humans, and former pirates that used to be their enemies. They have one hell of a reputation for their eclectic music styles, and immense imagination. They end up pretty popular, too, their concerts are often pretty packed. -- Anon Guest

Call it serendipity. Call it synchronicity. Call it kismet. They called their band The Starfarers. A band of pirates met with a band of Humans aboard a Havenworlder ship, and the battle went on so long that everyone got bored and started literally playing around.

It took four days to notice that the battle had stopped in favour of their improvised talent show.

They formed a big band, replete with choral section, and took their mutual act on the road. One that could work in shifts and potentially entertain around the clock. They would only all perform at once on special occasions.

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