Thursday, Baking Prep, and Good News

I have found some knee sleeves. They were in Rebel Allsports (not sponsored) and promise to not roast my patellas when they're in situ.

My knees are warm, but not uncomfortably warm, and I needed my knee bracers today. Because today's a day for bread.

I have Wilson in the incubator, the flour weighed out, and the chia soaking in the water. In less than four hours, I autolyse and commence the rest of the nonsense. Knead-hour-knead until I get to the fourth folding. Then it goes into the fridge until tomorrow.

It will be at least 3PM by the time I'm done with any of it. It'll probably be a lot later than that. I was assuming there was no time taken on folds.

In between times, I shall work on my offerings unto the temple of notes.

Wish me luck.