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Thursday, Baking Prep, and Good News

I have found some knee sleeves. They were in Rebel Allsports (not sponsored) and promise to not roast my patellas when they're in situ.

My knees are warm, but not uncomfortably warm, and I needed my knee bracers today. Because today's a day for bread.

I have Wilson in the incubator, the flour weighed out, and the chia soaking in the water. In less than four hours, I autolyse and commence the rest of the nonsense. Knead-hour-knead until I get to the fourth folding. Then it goes into the fridge until tomorrow.

It will be at least 3PM by the time I'm done with any of it. It'll probably be a lot later than that. I was assuming there was no time taken on folds.

In between times, I shall work on my offerings unto the temple of notes.

Wish me luck.

Monday, Backup Reads and Distractions

Beloved is seeing the experts today. I also learned a great deal about her tumble and subsequent actions that have put her into legendary status in my mind.

The chronology looks like:

  1. Used the brake on a bad downhill slope
  2. Flipped and landed badly
  3. Attempted to walk it off
    3a. FOR 800 METERS!
  4. Realised that the scooter was a bit busted on the way
  5. Started really feeling it shortly after that
  6. Realised she was NOT as okay as she thought she was
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Good News, Bad News, Meh News

Good News: We have found a place that sells the good stoneground flour.

Bad News: I have less than $20 in the bank, so a purchase is going to have to wait.

Meh News: Two weeks after France opened its schools, the plague is having outbreaks again.

Schadenfreude News: The Muppet is reportedly taking Hydroxychloroquine.

You know, that non-supported drug that he has a financial interest in that turned out to kill more Covid-19 patients than it saved? Yeah. That.

So he

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Challenge #01969-E145: Fit to Print?

News, or Scandal. Newspapers either publish accounts of what is actually happening or gossip. World situation, local concerns or who has dumped who. Which current 'star' was caught cheating on their partner. With drugs, or just legless drunk. -- Anon Guest

"What's that?" asked the newest Ambassador, G'jok.

"That is the news station. People subscribe there for the news they are interested in."

"News," Ambassador G'jok repeated the new word. "Is...?"

"Information disseminated as a public service. Updates on alliances, wars, commerce,

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The good news is that I didn't bounce back out of Ketosis, nor did I gain more than I've lost. I'm still in the 84-kilo zone. Just... a little higher up in there.

Our cheese-cup-cakes were an immense success. The strawberry ones were way more delicious than the original flavour. I think we're going to go Genuine Fruit Flavour each time we make these things in future.

So, of course, I have to share the recipe.

Cheesecake the Easy Way

  • Electric
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if Fire Fire is going to be on the next studio album, can we expect to see Photographic Memories on there too ?


Nope, that’s for a future future album.

And there was much rejoicing in the Fanmily :D

[Does this mean that Overdrive has a chance, too? Ooo! And what about all the *other* unreleased stuff that I’ve only heard about? ::fansquee::]


I… have… to go… pretend to be normal, now. Over there. ::sidles off::

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Danger smells like pancakes, apparently...

I just noticed that my (2nd hand) Macbook Air is smelling of slightly-burned pancakes.

This may be a a danger sign of impending doom.

And since my novels are all in Pages Format, all the saving on the Cloud will not help when this, my last useful mac, goes kablooey.

So. FYI - I still have my Windoze tower. I will not stop writing my instant stories until I literally have no alternatives to write them. I still have my iPad, though

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On Stubenville, the news, and victim blaming

We all know what the news did. What we might have missed is WHY they did it.


Angry people gets more people in. It’s free advertising. They all victim blame because that gets them more viewers to who are watching to see what stupid thing they do next.

Therefore, the only way to make them stop is to drop their ratings.

I propose to you: #NoNewsFriday

Deliberately turn off, or tune in to a better channel [cartoon network, discovery,

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