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On Stubenville, the news, and victim blaming

We all know what the news did. What we might have missed is WHY they did it.


Angry people gets more people in. It’s free advertising. They all victim blame because that gets them more viewers to who are watching to see what stupid thing they do next.

Therefore, the only way to make them stop is to drop their ratings.

I propose to you: #NoNewsFriday

Deliberately turn off, or tune in to a better channel [cartoon network, discovery, etc] when the news comes on. Every Friday. Blog, tweet and otherwise spread the word that, until the news agencies stop behaving like asshats, you’re not watching the fuckers.

This can, of course, be extended throughout the week. The more asshattery, the more days you’re not watching the asshats.

Just as long as it gets around.

When their ratings drop, they’ll find out why you’re participating in #NoNewsFriday.

Edit: If there is a fair and balanced news source, announce that you’re watching/listening to them and why, just tag it #NoNewsFriday :)