Failing Compy

A 2-post collection

OK here's teh PLN

In order to try and make my compy last a little longer, I am trying to fix it myself. Brace for explosions.

Step 1) Backup the drive [currently in progress]
Step 2) Run Disk Doctor on it all
Step 3) Pray hard

If this works, then I don't need to fret about any further fixes... for now.

If it doesn't work, then I have to make an appointment with the local Apple Store to get the hard drive replaced. Sigh.

The backup's finished. Let's see what Disk Doctor can do.

Cross your fingers.

Danger smells like pancakes, apparently...

I just noticed that my (2nd hand) Macbook Air is smelling of slightly-burned pancakes.

This may be a a danger sign of impending doom.

And since my novels are all in Pages Format, all the saving on the Cloud will not help when this, my last useful mac, goes kablooey.

So. FYI - I still have my Windoze tower. I will not stop writing my instant stories until I literally have no alternatives to write them. I still have my iPad, though

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