Monday, Backup Reads and Distractions

Beloved is seeing the experts today. I also learned a great deal about her tumble and subsequent actions that have put her into legendary status in my mind.

The chronology looks like:

  1. Used the brake on a bad downhill slope
  2. Flipped and landed badly
  3. Attempted to walk it off
    3a. FOR 800 METERS!
  4. Realised that the scooter was a bit busted on the way
  5. Started really feeling it shortly after that
  6. Realised she was NOT as okay as she thought she was when she began trying to walk it off
  7. Made it to Adorable's and therefore help she could not deny.

Moral of this story, don't worry about wasting an Ambo's time when you take a tumble that does alarming damage. Adrenoline is one fuck of a drug, but it DOES NOT LAST.

So if you take a tumble that, for example, chips your teeth, maybe take the advice of outside observers and get yourself checked out. Instead of waiting until it starts to hurt.

The PLN for today is to get some nourishment and then get cracking on my offerings.

Slowly. Because my wrists keep hating what I do.