Challenge #03837-J185: That's Their Mistake

They had them in, of all things, a bird cage. They were NOT a bird, not exactly anyway. Idiots left the door open. Wasn't long before the enemy was drugged, hog-tied, and an SOS was being sent out for a rescue. -- Anon Guest

Také could be willing to believe these people had made an honest mistake. It was a world uninhabited by cogniscent life when the other party stunned him and locked him in here. On the other hand, they could have scanned first and learned something.

Then, just as he was about to ask the approaching cogniscents for some water, he heard what they were saying.

"This one's going to make us some mega profits in Ubermercado. Their main man will take anything for his zoo. Well. Anything he's never seen before."

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