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Challenge #03427-I139: A Study in Suffering

In a class meant for therapists working with inmates, a history of prisons from various worlds, especially earth, is given. Along with unfortunate examples of prisons, and prison-life, from Deregger worlds and the damage it does before people are rescued. -- Lessons

Deathworlders, especially, hold the belief that punishing a wrongdoer will prevent them from doing wrong ever again. This has naturally lead to the idea that some groups are genetically predisposed to crime. That, as we know today, is a logical fallacy. Every single individual who comes to that conclusion discounts the holistic approach to eliminating crime.

The display board shows one word. Stark black on white and in bold font. It says: DISPARITY.

Many crimes are acts of desperation. Some crimes are symptoms of desperation. If one's life is bleak, with no hope, and little in the way of healthcare; it is therefore natural to seek other means, and other escapes. Deregger worlds, especially, view the escapes as a cause rather than the effect. Then again, Deregger worlds look for any and all excuses to revive the practice of slavery on their populace.

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Challenge #02899-G342: The Evidence Speaks For Itself

Shortly after their receive a shipment of stolen parrots, alien smugglers learn that pet parrots tend to repeat some of the most common phrases they have heard the hard way. There are some things that should never be heard, and can never be unheard. -- Anon Guest

"Captain Fresk is going to panic," said a voice. It sounded a lot like crewmate Jori, but it came, seemingly, from the cage of brightly-coloured exotic Deathworlder avian that they had successfully stolen from Brightwing

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Challenge #01968-E144: Bullish Behaviour

Can you please write more on Challenge #01911-E087: Uptick in Downsizing? It was probably one of the best pieces of fiction I have read in forever. I don't really know your policy regarding this kind of stuff (I may have just stumbled on this site a few hours ago and have been bingeing your writing) so I really hope I'm putting this in the right place... Either way, cheers and keep up the amazing work! -- ASingleSpeck

[AN: I welcome

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Challenge #01911-E087: Uptick in Downsizing

Recently retired or otherwise unemployed mildly clueless accountant overhears diners at a nearby table discussing a business difficulty and offers advice.

They seek him out periodically for more. Eventually hiring him to handle their books and offer other periodic advice.

He doesn't realize that they are the mob. He also doesn't realize that he is moving quickly up the ranks because the irregularities he finds in the books lead to catching leaks, or people skimming off the top. Or that by pointing

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Challenge #01535-D074: Action and Consequence

There is a minor but critical distinction between being right and being not wrong. -- RecklessPrudence

Someone had graffitied a museum's promotional poster. The poster, being about a dinosaur exhibit, featured the ever-popular T-Rex. The graffito read, He's a chicken, I tell you! A giant chicken![1]

There was no need to arrest the offending graffiti artist because the local paleontological fans had already corralled them and were having a Well-Actually contest. Lyr hung back and observed, just in case things got

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Challenge #01505-D044: Convoluted Revenge

“Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. ” - Carrie Fisher -- RecklessPrudence

There had never been a more elaborate plot to advance a child in the history of anywhere. It was so elaborate that it didn't come to light until years after the fact, when they found Chatelaine Fairweather's diary.

It began, as most things do, with a snub. Chatelaine Fairweather's daughter was passed over for advancement to the Lady's Maid, or even one of them,

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christel-thoughts: thissbrowngrl: etherealmermaidmarrell: krxs10: YOUNG UNARMED BLACK MAN SHOT AND PARALYZED IN HIS NEIGHBORHOOD BY FAKE...






On February 4, sitting in his own car in his own neighborhood, talking to a female passenger, Monroe Bird was shot in the neck by a security guard, Ricky Stone, a 52-year-old white man. The bullet pierced the C3 vertebrae in his neck. Standing 6 feet, 8 inches, Bird, a gifted athlete, is now unable to move

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