Challenge #03427-I139: A Study in Suffering

In a class meant for therapists working with inmates, a history of prisons from various worlds, especially earth, is given. Along with unfortunate examples of prisons, and prison-life, from Deregger worlds and the damage it does before people are rescued. -- Lessons

Deathworlders, especially, hold the belief that punishing a wrongdoer will prevent them from doing wrong ever again. This has naturally lead to the idea that some groups are genetically predisposed to crime. That, as we know today, is a logical fallacy. Every single individual who comes to that conclusion discounts the holistic approach to eliminating crime.

The display board shows one word. Stark black on white and in bold font. It says: DISPARITY.

Many crimes are acts of desperation. Some crimes are symptoms of desperation. If one's life is bleak, with no hope, and little in the way of healthcare; it is therefore natural to seek other means, and other escapes. Deregger worlds, especially, view the escapes as a cause rather than the effect. Then again, Deregger worlds look for any and all excuses to revive the practice of slavery on their populace.

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