Thursday, Progress and PLNs

I have finished building the walls and floors of level 9 of 23. Now I have to furnish and add mobs to level 9 of 23. THEN I start on level 10 of 23. Which I hope to heaven will be nice and easy to construct.

...too many dang diagonals and round rooms in this one gone. Pleh.

I find out when I am done furnishing level 9 though. No peeking. If I looked at the entire thing, I would balk and quit on the spot.

That's the way to attack big things. A bit at a time.

Speaking of a bit at a time, I need to get the rubbish out onto the curb. And the recycling too. Oofda.

I'd better get rattling on that before the full publish cycle, today. There's a LOT that needs to go in the bin and has yet to be sorted.