Challenge #03873-J221: I Need This Deal

They didn't have parenting licenses, didn't care. They raised these orphaned children to the best of their ability and made sure the children were safe, knew love, were educated, and given the best lives they had the ability to give them. -- The New Guy

[AN: Honestly, the parenting licenses are there to ensure that guardians don't harm the kids they raise. Pretty much the same philosophy as your statistical outlier there]

My name is Taro. Yes, like the food. And I'm a criminal.

You Galactics have a soft approach to what the former administration considers crime. Some crimes aren't crimes at all to you lot. But I need assurances. All the kids in the warren? I want your guarantee that they're going to full care. The whole soft Alliance treatment. Give it to me in writing.

Okay. That's... that's good. I know I'm a criminal. I've broken a whole bunch of laws, and not just mine. I took in trash babies, and I've been caregiving without one of your licenses. And I've been doing it for years.

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