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Challenge #01911-E087: Uptick in Downsizing

Recently retired or otherwise unemployed mildly clueless accountant overhears diners at a nearby table discussing a business difficulty and offers advice.

They seek him out periodically for more. Eventually hiring him to handle their books and offer other periodic advice.

He doesn't realize that they are the mob. He also doesn't realize that he is moving quickly up the ranks because the irregularities he finds in the books lead to catching leaks, or people skimming off the top. Or that by pointing them out, he's actually arranging hits on the people in question. -- Bard2DBone

Ten years. Working her ass off. Running the numbers so hard that they sweated. And all she got out of it was making her offices so efficient that she was superfluous to requirements. Thanks for helping us save a billion dollars, Kathi. We're going to make it a billion plus... your wages. You're superfluous to requirements.

So now she had ten years of her shit in a cardboard box, no current way to pay her bills, and not many opportunities for accountants, because the firm who had just fired her was also the most popular accounting firm in the country. And seeking work wasn't as easy for her generation as it was for, say, her gram'pa who walked into his workplace at seventeen and had a job until retirement.

While Kathi waited for her pie and coffee, she searched for anyone looking for accountants. Anywhere. And that was how she heard the people in the next booth.

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Challenge #01906-E082: What Trickles Down

Medieval Jesters and modern clowns can do what others can't. Mock the mighty, poke fun at sacred cows, and give people a hug without facing an assault charge. it's called Clown's Privilege and should be treated as a gift. We allow the bizarre to touch us in so many ways -- Anon Guest

Three things to do. (1) Get up there, (2) Tell the unvarnished truth, and (3) Make it so funny that the Grand Dictator doesn't decide to execute you.


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Challenge #01477-D016: One Fine Day in an Impoverished Neighbourhood

“I wish time would skip ahead. I got here too early.” -- WitterPrompts

Paul checked her watch. "You're right on time."

"No. I mean... the whole future thing. It's like... most of my time has been spent waiting for stuff that should have been here, already. Like... I dunno. Tablets should have always been there since my childhood, you know."

"And flying cars?" teased Paul.

"No. Dur. You can't have flying cars until after self-driving cars have taken over. Because, look at

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Dear Moneymakers, (an open letter)

And by this, I mean all corporate “persons”, executives, super-rich and basically, everyone who is making their money by just having money.

You’re doing it wrong.

Current economic theory states that if you give enough money to the already-rich, some of it will inevitably “trickle down” to the lower classes, the world will become everyone’s oyster and we’ll all be knee deep in pearls.

Everyone not amongst the already-rich knows this theory

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Everybody Needs to Read One Book

And it ain’t the Bible.

Yeah, I’m probably going to get pwn’d for saying that, but in these days, in this situation, and with the Occupy movement going everywhere like ice cream on a toddler, this book is essential.

The book is called How an Economy Grows and Why it Crashes by Peter D. Schiff

It explains the economy problems currently causing people to be out on the streets banging on drums and shouting at the

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The Debt Dollar - or, How the Banks Don't Have Any Money

Once upon a time, money was made out of gold or other precious metals. It was a finite resource and everyone could agree on how much it was worth.

But precious metals are heavy and hard to carry around all the time. Especially on long journeys.

People started trading coins for promissory notes that they could trade back for coins when they got to where they were going. A fairly honest system started by the Knights Templar.

Other folks quickly got into

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Dollar Shop Economic Theory

I’ve had this one baking on the back burner for quite some time. And since I have nothing else in my head but brewing brony tales, I figured I’d best get this out of my head to make some room.

The Dollar Shop is a phenomenon out my way, where you can walk into a shop and get an item [or a number of items] for a dollar a piece. Some cost more than a dollar. Many cost

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Time for a New System

No system is perfect. Communism collapses because people like being in power and refuse to give it up for the finishing steps. Capitalism as we know it is about to collapse because people in power etc. etc., and we are genetically geared to want all the marbles and only share with our personal genes.

We seriously need a new system before it all falls over into barbarism, a new dark age, war, pestilence, dogs and cats living together and all that end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it

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