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Tax Receipt Not Going Far Enough

I’ve been seeing a lot of retweets endorsing the idea of a “tax receipt”, a document telling you, the taxpayer, where your tax dollars are going.

I say it’s a good first step.

A better move would be a Tax Vote. You fill out the form declaring whatever and indicate exactly where you want your dollars to go. And list them in order of importance.

THAT would be a government of true democracy.

Just think about it. Left-wing “hippie whackoes” [as folks like Rush love to call us] can vote for education funding, medicine, green energy, etc; while the right-wing “conservative nut jobs” [As us liberals love to call them] can vote for war, refunds for the rich, etc.

And both sides can pretend that all the advantages are coming from their side, whilst all the detriments are coming from the opposite factor.

And if a corporation wants to have a say? Well, they’d better pay their taxes, hadn’t they?