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Challenge #01835-E011: The Caring Gap

Their world was games, and Facebook and selfies. Then they wound up in an emergency ward and discovered electric lives are no substitute for the real thing. -- Knitnan

[AN: You clearly have no understanding of modern connectivity. AKA: "You dang kids get off of your social media and get a real life!" ::shakes cane::]

Alice was technically a Cam Girl and technically a Gamer. In reality, that meant grinding assorted games for a pitiful income per game per hour, and taking selfies at least four times a day. In the eyes of a certain generation, she was lazy and vain.

The fact was, she was doing everything she could to raise enough to (a) keep alive, and (b) pay off the debt she owed for a degree she'd got for a job that had been shipped off to a different country. She ran a Patreon. She had an Etsy shop. She had a Ko-fi account. She spent every hour of every day scraping for pennies and doing whatever she could to get someone to pass her a couple of dollars.

She barely made it to the poverty line, lived on food stamps, and kept looking for what everyone else called "a real job". She had more friends online than she had friends in the neighbourhood. Especially considering that the entire population were practically vagrants and, much like Alice, scraping to make rent and eat at the same time.

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Challenge #01477-D016: One Fine Day in an Impoverished Neighbourhood

“I wish time would skip ahead. I got here too early.” -- WitterPrompts

Paul checked her watch. "You're right on time."

"No. I mean... the whole future thing. It's like... most of my time has been spent waiting for stuff that should have been here, already. Like... I dunno. Tablets should have always been there since my childhood, you know."

"And flying cars?" teased Paul.

"No. Dur. You can't have flying cars until after self-driving cars have taken over. Because, look at

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Is Baby Boomer Business Practice Killing Millennials?

I've had my fill of panic-fuelled articles accusing Millennials of "killing" insert-industry-here and laying the collapse of the economy at their rather young feet.

Especially even when an uneducated layperson like myself can take one look at the way the economy's been going and realise it's the Baby Boomers scrabbling for every last cent that got us to this point.

As one of the last of the Baby Boomers, I would like to apologise for the behaviour of my peers. Like Millennials,

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