Challenge #01906-E082: What Trickles Down

Medieval Jesters and modern clowns can do what others can't. Mock the mighty, poke fun at sacred cows, and give people a hug without facing an assault charge. it's called Clown's Privilege and should be treated as a gift. We allow the bizarre to touch us in so many ways -- Anon Guest

Three things to do. (1) Get up there, (2) Tell the unvarnished truth, and (3) Make it so funny that the Grand Dictator doesn't decide to execute you.

No pressure.

Haren ran through the usual guaranteed laughs. The Grand Dictator had an... earthy... sense of humour, so the ones that skated near the gutter and let the audience assume the filth had him in fits of teary-eyed mirth. Good. Haren diverted into the kind of rambling monologue that wavered from topic to topic, but still had the audience giggling.

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