Glacial is an insult

To the tune of The Internet is for Porn from Avenue Q:

The internet is so slow
The internet is so slow
Why can't I just make it go?
It's slow.

Things suck at the moment. They suck so bad that I'm actively thinking about hanging out at a mall with wifi and doing a portion of my work there.

It's that awful.

But I'm being patient for now. I'm almost positive that it's the kids' internet usage that spikes the bandwidth and slows the whole mess down.

I successfully posted the first chapter of Babes in the Woods this morning, and you can find it over here if you want to have a look.

Now that I've finished doing that, I can maybe focus on one of the epics I left up in the air while I worked exclusively on Babes.

When We Were Us is looking good, but I have to warn y'all, I have some more plotbunnies gnawing on me with the concept that Angus is the Son of the Starblaster. Peeps who've heard all of the Balance Arc of The Adventure Zone will know what I'm talking about. And if you want to know, look up The Adventure Zone on all good podcast avenues anywhere. It's free!

...anyway, there's a collection, now, of stories where Ango McDango is the son of the crew. I just started it. I'll definitely be writing more.

Fingers crossed we get NBN real soon now.