Slowed Right Down

The internet is especially shit, this morning, and for a change, neither I nor my beloved little darlings are at all responsible. No, dear readers, it is none other than my Beloved and their laptop.

If this continues for more than a couple of days, I get to taunt them.

[cue evil chuckle]

The end of the month and Erastide are coming up. Which means that real soon now, we could have us some NATIONAL BROADBAND! Just in time for the US of A to restrict the interwebs to a slow trickle so that broadcast companies can make lots of money.

This is not going to end well.

The internet was designed to confound a nuclear firkin holocaust. A few money-grubbing idiots aren't going to hold the "fast lanes" for long. They'll become the worst-kept secret on the internet. How to get into the fast lane without even paying.

It'll be phone phreaking all over again. You watch.