Challenge #01905-E081: Who, Me?

Excuses both lame and creative. -- Knitnan

Of all the forces of creativity, imagination, and progenitation available, nothing in the known universe is more powerful and simultaneously more inept than a small child who has been caught out, and is desperately digging to get themselves out of the hole they are already in.

"Uhm," said Kae. Elbow-deep in the cookie jar. There was no denying that her hand was in there, and there could be some debate that she was, indeed, taking a cookie without permission. But, there was still an 'out'. "It's not for me," she said.

"It can't be for Mister Pookie," said Mom. "We made Invisible Cookies for him and they're still in the Invisible Cookie Jar." Mom pointed to the spot where it was and lifted the invisible lid. "Yep. Mister Pookie has better cookie manners than some people I can think of."

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