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Challenge #02695-G138: Message From a Crystal Shore

Let’s go to another universe. Let’s say that instead of humanity exploring the cosmos, they stayed on earth to perfect their crafts, explore the depths of the world, and complete it lifelong mission, immortality. But now the only planet is reaching it maximum capacity to hold human life. A new job must be in place to “regulate” the population. That’s where you fit in, you must find a way to help humanity before it collapse. Out of curiosity I must ask, what is your name? -- Anon Guest

Call me Ahab. I'm set on a mission to end white whales, so to speak. You know what whales are, right? They're the people who fund half of any given casino because they spend big. Most of them don't even know how much money they have.

Back in the Before, it used to be impossible to have that much money in one lifetime. You just couldn't do it. That was before one of them funded immortality. The select few could live forever and accumulate wealth. Unsurprisingly, pretty much all of the billionaires invested heavily in the research, and then the results.

Science cracked the mortality issue. It was never released to the public. Only ever given to those who could pay the highest ticket price to live forever. They claimed that the money would run out. They claimed that nature would find a new level. They claimed that the mind-numbingly rich would be good for the economy.

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Another rant for another time #3: Overpopulation and the food crisis

I keep coming back to a webcomic I found where one of the characters says to a child, “There’s enough room in Texas for everyone in the whole world.” [Quote from memory, may not be verbatim]

It bothers me.

A lot.

Five seconds on Google reveals that the surface area of Texas is 261 914 square miles. That’s 6.78354146x10^11 square meters. About 67 835 414 600 if you want to take it long-form.


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Okay, so I had an idea about White-CISMale supremacy...

…specifically in the area of sexual harassment.

I’ve been meddling with the idea for a few weeks, what with all the oppression stuff on my dash lately. It does require like-minded ladies to gang up for the duration.

It basically goes: (1) Pick a local-area douchebag (2) Literally treat him like a piece of meat.

On to the juicy details…

Come up with meat-related terms of endearment [eg: “cutlet”, “sausage”, “prime rib”

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Dollar Shop Economic Theory

I’ve had this one baking on the back burner for quite some time. And since I have nothing else in my head but brewing brony tales, I figured I’d best get this out of my head to make some room.

The Dollar Shop is a phenomenon out my way, where you can walk into a shop and get an item [or a number of items] for a dollar a piece. Some cost more than a dollar. Many cost

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