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Everybody Needs to Read One Book

And it ain’t the Bible.

Yeah, I’m probably going to get pwn’d for saying that, but in these days, in this situation, and with the Occupy movement going everywhere like ice cream on a toddler, this book is essential.

The book is called How an Economy Grows and Why it Crashes by Peter D. Schiff

It explains the economy problems currently causing people to be out on the streets banging on drums and shouting at the corporate fat cats, etc.

It tells us exactly why our money is a complete fiction and how making more of it is only going to dig us deeper. Sure, it blames the governments a little too much, and doesn’t look too hard at the really big lie - i.e. corporations are legally people - but it does explain economics in terms even an idiot like me can understand.

Everyone should have a copy. Read it in the streets to anyone who’s interested. Give a copy to a friend.

Hell, send a copy to the White House.

I won’t advise thwacking an ignorant corporate executive with it, ‘cause those guys won’t take a clue until the Revolution comes ;)

Especially make anyone who’s hardcore Government Deregulation Now read the damn thing and understand how deregulating corporations put us all in the shithole in the first place.

Understanding the problem is halfway towards creating a solution.