Challenge #01968-E144: Bullish Behaviour

Can you please write more on Challenge #01911-E087: Uptick in Downsizing? It was probably one of the best pieces of fiction I have read in forever. I don't really know your policy regarding this kind of stuff (I may have just stumbled on this site a few hours ago and have been bingeing your writing) so I really hope I'm putting this in the right place... Either way, cheers and keep up the amazing work! -- ASingleSpeck

[AN: I welcome follow-ups to stories. For new readers, that particular fiction is found here. You're welcome. Also, OP, thanks so much for bingeing. Share your favourites with your friends.]

"There's a new code of conduct amongst the Jorgins'," said McTavish. "One of our informants managed to put this into a blind drop, yesterday."

And considering how The Accountant was about leaking information, that was a high-risk thing to do, Caulky whistled backwards. "Hope they're still alive today."

It was a booklet. Professionally done like they'd do at any copy shop. It had colourful tabs labeled Dress Code and Daily Ethics or Grammar and Pronunciation. The Security and Confidentiality tab was a deep red.

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