Busy day

I'm seeing my dentist today. Always quote-unquote "fun". It's going to be more "fun" with a post-nasal drip that is -thanks, antibiotics- not green any more. I still have it, but it's less... virulent.

This on top of doing my daily writing, and a doctor's visit for Chaos this afternoon.

Today and tomorrow, I'm still taking antibiotics, and if I'm still horking chunks tomorrow, I will be getting the repeat. I can deal with these horse pills for five more days.

Finance wise, I have managed to earn quite the hunk of US Dollars off of my Bitcoin trades. Which is surprising, since I've only made that in dribs and drabs. Now if only I could get my physical wallet in the mail...

My PLNs today include working on my novel while I'm waiting at the dentist, since my current editor, iA Writer, can work offline. Yay. And I shall get to today's story as quick as I can, I promise, but it's already a crapshoot as to whether it will be done before I need to scoot.

Best to get on with it, then.