Tuesday, Patreon and Caregiving

Beloved has had her stitches out. She's due to see some more experts about her arm and what it needs best at some unannounced future Thursday.

We find out what it is when we find out what it is.

We'd all prefer it to be sooner rather than later. There's things moving around inside her arm that should not be moving. It squicks Adorable out and hurts Beloved at the same time. I want it fixed yesterday, but we have to wait for once upon a Thursday.

My ability to keep up with the offerings has been lacking. I haven't drawn a duck in Lunacy this week. Pre-occupation with Beloved's owies has stalled progress and I'm positive my patrons understand.

I haven't written very many chapters. Haven't done a lot at all. I mean, apart from the whole looking after my Beloved thing.

Offerings soon.