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Challenge #03879-J227: Ill Met by Stormlight

They met with a family at the inn. The children were coughing with colds, and the parents were tired, trying to get their children to nap. -- Anon Guest

Hellkin deal with the animosity they face in several ways. The most eloquent way of putting it was oft repeated between the elder and the younger ones.

"There's two ways to go when the world hates you for being alive. You either be worse than what they say you are, or try yourself to a whisper in proving them wrong."

Some Hellkin fought to balance those two choices. Comfort named herself from what she prized, just like many, and Shield had done the same. They were doing what they could, as many of their kind did. In this particular inn, where they were temporarily welcome, they were also guarding some foundlings on a journey from one place to another. Another family entered from the storm, each parent carrying two wailing children.

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Tuesday, Patreon and Caregiving

Beloved has had her stitches out. She's due to see some more experts about her arm and what it needs best at some unannounced future Thursday.

We find out what it is when we find out what it is.

We'd all prefer it to be sooner rather than later. There's things moving around inside her arm that should not be moving. It squicks Adorable out and hurts Beloved at the same time. I want it fixed yesterday, but we have to wait

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Challenge #03321-I033: Proper Care and Handling

He changes into a werewolf after his beloved girlfriend has completely altered his containment chamber. No more chains. Before he can bite her, she starts stuffing food into his mouth. -- Anon Guest

"Y'all throwin' a party?" Of all the hazards they anticipated this day, neighbours had been the last on the list. "That's some good brisket you got there, but why no barbecue sauce?"

"Xylitol," said Gria and Thom together. Gria took over. "We're working

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Challenge #02170-E341: The Little Necessities

An alien realizes his travel buddy of a different species who he thought was a bit immature is a literal teenager and immediately becomes more protective. -- OohLookShiny

Gorkz was rather fond of Human Zae. They were rough around the edges, as all Humans were, but there were enough positives to balance out negatives like, instantly drawing a straight line between any random phrase and a crude joke. They were loyal to a fault, knew which direction to take their aggression out

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