Challenge #03838-J186: Pax Nuptias or Pax Infernus

The two want to wed, their countries are at war, their love, forbidden. Then they get the idea of how to end the war. Pretend to suggest political marriages, pretend to be reluctant, trick their families to do what will end the war, and allow their love. -- Anon Guest

There'd been far fewer wars since Pax Infernus began. The nations fearful of the Demon Lord resorted to icy politeness and sports matches. Wars of words carried on between bitter enemies, florid text written with a poison pen.

Others put up solid walls along their borders, patrolled by guards who had more in common with each other than the lords of their respective lands. Two marched their armies up and down their shared border, displaying their mobile seige weapons and otherwise flexing their might at each other.

Viceroy Eogan Vatatzes and Vicerene Thermantia Javidan met at the Sparknight Gala despite their parents' best efforts to prevent it. It was love at first waltz. Alas, their countries were, if not at war, then at least in open hostility against each other.

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