Wednesday, Wordpress and EXPERTS

Beloved is seeing the arm experts today, and hopefully getting a judgement on how wobbly things are in there. I have my fingers crossed for a fix for that nonsense, but there's an equal chance they'll tell her everything is perfectly normal and expected.

I would very much LIKE a fix because the wobbling is painful for Beloved and disturbing to the rest of us.

This weekend also features a REN FAIRE! We've been looking forward to this thing for a month or more. I have one cool outfit and it needs a little tweaking before I can go there wearing it.

Extra fun because also parkrun on the same day. I fully anticipate putting a dress on over my activewear.

I may or may not also be busting out my extended makeup kits. I'm not sure. Seems a bit more fuss and bother than appropriate for just ONE maniac going to hir first Ren Faire.

Besides, that's more opportunity for face-painting when I'm there :D point in being an adult if you can't be childish etc etc.

Anyway. I have offerings to ready and news to wait for and I'd best begin.