Challenge #04133-K115: Lawsuits From Ignorance

A strongly male-dominated deregger group sues the woman who has so much time she could practically buy their entire solar system, and that's even after paying her taxes and giving to charity. The "crime" they claim she's committing? She's a woman who's making more money than they are. -- Anon Guest

Engineer Dean read the message for the third time, juggling her latest foster child on her hip. She read it out loud in a singsong voice because the tone was all that mattered when reading with a pre-verbal child in the immediate area.

"I am demanded to appear in the greater fiscal court of the fiduciary empire of Mashandar... that's Greater Deregulation Upper North-Northeast... I've been found guilty in absentia of immoral living and a corrupting lifestyle. I'm a disruptive influence on the mental wellbeing on the youth of their polity. I must, according to them, immediately hand myself into the custody of an appropriate male and let him take over the position of CEO of Buddysuits Inc. If I don't, they'll come and legally claim me for matrimonial reclamation."

She spent a moment looking up the legal standing these dereggers had. Since it was slim to none, Dean relaxed a little and filed a notice with Station Security regarding a threat to her freedoms.

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