Challenge #04137-K119: The Founding of the Welcome Inn

The pickpocket no longer went by "Scram" but had chosen a new name for themselves. Thanks to the kindness of a wizard and their kobold companion, they'd opened an eatery that was very cheap, but with wonderous food, thanks to the farm, and the nearby river teeming with fish, they used to supply it rather than buying supplies elsewhere. In honor of the two, those who were poor and desperate were given food for free, shelter, and a chance to learn farming, fishing, and cooking, so they didn't go hungry, either. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Scram got a different story in One Life's Worth of Change but I can have room for more than one street kid thinking their name was Scram]

"Time is a flat circle," sighed the Elf after I introduced myself.

I had no choice but to stay. Trying to look inedible to a Kobold who was bigger than I was at the time. My hand was stuck in the Elf's pocket.

The Kobold was cackling. "More like city people are horrible," she said. "Name's Gikka, little one. We've done this before."

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