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Challenge #03828-J176: Shared Profundity

I saved their life, risking my own. As I lay, my broken body bandaged, I was asked, what did I want in return? After a long thought I said I wanted the lifespan of an Elf, and to become a librarian. When they asked if they could choose any elf's lifespan, I said that was fine. Here it is, a millennium later, and I, a mere human, have been working in this library ever since. -- Anon Guest

[AN: In terms of TV Tropes, Our Elves Are Different is popular among a lot of writers. One thousand years is about 2/5ths of an Alfarell Elf's lifetime]

I remember the pain, more than anything. I remember stopping them before they started to make sure I wasn't stealing anyone's lifetime. The one I saved smiled, such a nice smile, and reassured me, "Theft is not necessary."

They put my hand to their heart, and bade me make a promise.

I remember every word of it. "I will preserve and share knowledge from those who give it freely to those who seek it. I will keep it safe, copy it when necessary, and help anyone who wishes to learn. I will learn whenever I can, and welcome new knowledge when it comes to me. From now until I am no longer able. May the gods help me do it." Maybe the gods did. All I know is the days that followed.

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Challenge #03329-I041: The Most Important Story

The children of the village gather around Marvin and Lady Anthe and beg them to tell a story about their travels and adventures. -- Anon Guest

"How did we wind up doing this?" said Marvin, still in the process of making his home.

"Ha! That takes me back," Lady Anthe had a sharp-toothed grin. "You used to say that a lot when you were younger and sillier."

"I was very young when we met," he said. He put down his tools so

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Challenge #02033-E209: So They Noticed

[Title: Words you learn to dread hearing. #2.]"So who's going to notice?" -- Knitnan

The little vessel was lost. Broken. Limping through a Sargasso of wrecked and abandoned vessels in the middle of nowhere. No radio. No comms. No chance of making it to civilisation as the occupants knew it. They were losing air and hope at the same rate.

"I found a vessel with compatible air," said one occupants. "With the 'locks together, we can minimise air loss for evac.

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Challenge #01563-D102: The Birth of the Vardian Empire

Follow up to "Designer Babies". Other less reputable Medical facilities, pounce on the process, Dr Vardian is praised for actually trying to talk vanity parents out of bad choices instead of offering a range of "options", athletic ability, perfect pitch, genius I Q. Which leads to the sad question asked by the results. "Why don't I look like Mummy and Daddy?" -- Anon Guest

It only took two years for other gene therapy organisations to spring up in the void left by

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