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Challenge #03828-J176: Shared Profundity

I saved their life, risking my own. As I lay, my broken body bandaged, I was asked, what did I want in return? After a long thought I said I wanted the lifespan of an Elf, and to become a librarian. When they asked if they could choose any elf's lifespan, I said that was fine. Here it is, a millennium later, and I, a mere human, have been working in this library ever since. -- Anon Guest

[AN: In terms of TV Tropes, Our Elves Are Different is popular among a lot of writers. One thousand years is about 2/5ths of an Alfarell Elf's lifetime]

I remember the pain, more than anything. I remember stopping them before they started to make sure I wasn't stealing anyone's lifetime. The one I saved smiled, such a nice smile, and reassured me, "Theft is not necessary."

They put my hand to their heart, and bade me make a promise.

I remember every word of it. "I will preserve and share knowledge from those who give it freely to those who seek it. I will keep it safe, copy it when necessary, and help anyone who wishes to learn. I will learn whenever I can, and welcome new knowledge when it comes to me. From now until I am no longer able. May the gods help me do it." Maybe the gods did. All I know is the days that followed.

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