Desperate Measures

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Challenge #02033-E209: So They Noticed

[Title: Words you learn to dread hearing. #2.]"So who's going to notice?" -- Knitnan

The little vessel was lost. Broken. Limping through a Sargasso of wrecked and abandoned vessels in the middle of nowhere. No radio. No comms. No chance of making it to civilisation as the occupants knew it. They were losing air and hope at the same rate.

"I found a vessel with compatible air," said one occupants. "With the 'locks together, we can minimise air loss for evac."

And since a temporary solution that allowed them to live longer was better than nothing, they opted for the current Plan A. The found vessel took some time to limp to, and docking had to be performed by vacuum-welding the ships together, but again, it was better than nothing. They expected the air to be stale, and surprised when it wasn't. The previous inhabitants had left some plant life behind when they abandoned this craft. The stuff had invaded as much space as it could.

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