Monday, Asthma Issues

Every time I catch a Lurgi, I end up with an asthma attack. As I write this, I'm going through another dose on the nebuliser. The bug I have has slowed me right down with some INTENSE lethargy.

I took a half-hour nap between stretchies this morning. I don't know how much of that is Lurgi and how much is Covid: Electric Boogaloo.

I'm not putting a number on it because nobody's tracing anything any more. And I am sincerely pissed off that they're not doing that. Letting people die of this shit is more profitable than saving lives. Grumblegrumblebitchmoangripe...

I missed Terry Pratchett Day yesterday. And the Glorious 25th of May is upcoming. I hope to remember that one when it comes by. I've been sick.

One day, I shall make the Lilac-themed fascinator I've been promising myself since some significant time ago. With the best fake lilacs I can lay my hands upon when money and availability meet.

There may or may not be egg-shaped styrofoam involved. It depends on my mood and what I can get. Freedom, reasonably-priced love, and a hard-boiled egg :D Any heart-shaped flair in there will be reasonably priced, I guarantee.

I know every dollar shop in a 5K radius. Try me.

I shall make my offerings after I resolve what I'm doing for the Archive.

...and have some ice cream because treats help me feel better.