Challenge #04138-K120: Truth to Power

"You say this is what you want, but is it really? Or is it what others tell you that you want? You say you need this, but is it what you really need? Or what others expect of you? Look into your heart, look into this mirror, for it will read your heart, and if your heart equals the desires you say you have, then I will help you with what you wish. If it does not? Then I will help you learn to stand up for yourself." -- Anon Guest

Mirrors rarely tell the truth. Silver, the most common element for making them reflective, corrupts easily. They turn everything around. For a mirror of truth, one needs pure things. Uncorruptible things. Pure gold. Pure silica. Pure gemstones representing as many planes of existence as possible.

The one about the blood of a virgin is pure fabrication, but the resulting artefact is many times as difficult to obtain.

A mirror of Veritas is worth far more than its component parts. It's because the truth is many more times rare, and thousands more times as precious. When you're the kind of being who grants wishes, you need one of these. Mostly because too many wish for what they think they want, rather than what they know they need.

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