Gotta love a morning after

It got dramatic, last night. My little Gerblin convert turned away from the light and came back to bite us on the ass with the help of some worgs.

Gaarsh is very upset about all this. Especially since he's had his first kill since the Bad Time, and he was killing someone he was playing with just minutes before.

There's gonna be an angst fest and I plan on loving it to bits. Some arguing between the party members who are not recovering from grievous wounds is greatly anticipated. At least on my part.

Angst, arguments, in character shit up to my furry elbows. Well. Gaarsh's furry elbows. Ahem.

It's ten o'clock, I'm barely wearing clothes, and I plan to hardly get out of bed, today. Stories as per usual, of course.

I just have a lot of nothing planned. I'm going to enjoy it.