Challenge #02267-F077: Friend? Friend!

Alien Snake-/Reptilian species meet the Human Race. Unfortunately (or Fortunately, depending on your viewpoint ^^) first contact happens between a snake lover (Pet the Snek !) and a proud Ambassador. -- Anon Guest

Many unfortunate First Contact situations have arisen because one or more cogniscent species in the encounter strongly resembles another's phobia species. We therefore recommend that all cogniscents finding themselves within a First Contact situation take a few moments to stop all voluntary movement, put down any tools, and properly assess the situation in a calm and logical manner. -- An Everyday Cogniscent's Guide to Discovering Strange New Worlds and New Civilisations.

Hishesh was doing his best. Honestly. He had put down his tools. He had stilled himself as much as he could. He even displayed open and empty manipulating limbs. Despite all this, the mammal on the other side of this particular space in an abandoned hulk still kept making a long and loud noise. Hishesh had to admit that they had either an impressive lung capacity or a mastery of cyclical breathing. True to the manual, Hishesh made himself look smaller and moved his limbs in a semi-protective manner. An almost universal gesture to communicate You are concerning me.

Finally, the mammal breathed in. "OhmygodsyouarethecutestlizardIeversaw!" They were still loud, but quickly tempered their reactions. Empty manipulating limbs, a reduction in height, and a gentling of their voice. They may not have read the manual, but they were clearly attempting to put Hishesh at ease. "Therenow, therenow. It'sokay. Iwannamakefriends." Open hand, low and exposed, clearly in an awkward position for any kind of sudden attack. "It'sokay..."

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