I am so stoked for today.

The whole gang is due to turn up and the game shall indeed be on and I intend to enjoy the hell out of it.

Other PLNs include all the flash fictions, as normal, but I've DONE my novel for this week, so I don't have to fret about that.

I might be able to squeeze in some self-education or work on any given project, today. That'd be cool.

We shall see what we see when we get there.

Meanwhile, the TangleBag(tm) is nearing completion. Or at least, volume completion. I'm still working out What Are Handles. Making them out of twine promises an uncomfortable experience in my future. Making them out of literally anything else means further expense and learning how that works in the process.

MeMum, as ever, is handy with the hints. I shall see what Beloved says about the entire thing as well. Check out my options.

I'll probably end up spending close to $20 for the ugliest string bag in the world.


It exists. Therefore it is a success as a proof of concept.