Challenge #02268-F078: A Light in You

I read an article a while back about humans having some sort of line system (like a fish with sensors) which controls for example diseases like (sorry not english: Gürtelrose[AN: Google says 'shingles']) it lays outside of the human visible spectrum. Only humans have this and no other animal or plants have.

Also we humans shine. Like really, really low, but still, we glow very weak in the dark. Again not visible for us.

But what if other aliens don't have these either. Like animals.

And one species can see these Ley Lines and the glowing.

Instantly the species views us as ideal looking and epiphany of beauty (no matter how we look).

Please write a story about the first contact with this species.

(P.s. if you wanna have a good look at what I mean google glowing ley lines of humans. You won't be disappointed^^) -- Anon Guest

[AN: I tried, but I couldn't find it. I can find chakras, I can find ley lines, I can't find humans having ley lines in their bodies. If it's anything like Kilian photography images then it could well be interesting]

There has never been a species like the V'raithid. There may never be another like them. Their kind evolved from insects in a sargasso zone, where abandoned hulks melded together through accident and happenstance. Strange biochemistry happened in the abandoned darkness. They developed a way to see without light.

Call it what you will - ley lines, kirlian radiation, electromagnetic emanations - they see those. They see them in hues that many accustomed to light cannot possibly understand and are mostly untranslatable. Humans, for instance, can understand the concept of some hues, but the translation is not directly into a colour. The colour Phyrinthi, for example, translates into the sensation of stepping into a warm bath at the end of a long, cold, wet, and tiring day.

It may be possible that the V'raithid are the most alien aliens that Humanity has ever made friends with[1]. Primarily because the V'raithid are allergic to light as we understand it. Therefore, it was Human ingenuity, tenacity, and determination that made the first contact possible. What they did not expect was admiration of entirely different qualities.

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