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Challenge #02770-G213: Filtered Through Children's Lies

Re-Discovery part two: electric boogaloo -- Anon Guest

With enough instrumentation, it is possible to find things you don't understand. With enough inclusive cogniscent contacts, you can also find someone willing to explain it to you.

Human Kev had been hired by the Sciencer EVR890 to scare of anything big enough and mean enough to be a threat to the Havenworlders within. Now, in spite of being hired to be the 'muscle', they were holding what they called a TED talk.

"Light's a part of the electromagnetic spectrum," Kev began, and stopped at the chorus of inquisitive chirps from the audience. "This is a set of radiation frequencies that are both electronic and magnetic. You know how electronics emit magnetic radiation, right? You know how magnets can make electrons move. Otherwise we wouldn't be here."

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Challenge #02268-F078: A Light in You

I read an article a while back about humans having some sort of line system (like a fish with sensors) which controls for example diseases like (sorry not english: G├╝rtelrose[AN: Google says 'shingles']) it lays outside of the human visible spectrum. Only humans have this and no other animal or plants have.

Also we humans shine. Like really, really low, but still, we glow very weak in the dark. Again not visible for us.

But what if other aliens don't have

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Challenge #02101-E277: Not Dead Yet

humans are hypersensitive to the smell of fresh water, hence why we can smell storms coming. It's so sensitive that we can smell water better than most dogs -- Anon Guest

The Human origin world, Earth to some, Terra to most, has a surface that is over seventy percent water. Thus, it is surprising to most that Humans can detect it. With land in such relative scarcity, most Galactic Citizens assume that finding good soil would be a better priority.

It's a

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Challenge #01188-C093: In Sense'd


2) Remember that mystical "sight" thing the humans have? Well my kid is apparently a fan and now they're trying to do it too. -- Gallifreya


"I keep telling you to invest in aluminium upgrades," Angie sighed, adding just enough coefficient friction to slide Trevor off of the wall mount for the knives. "Why do you keep going near that thing, anyway."

"I couldn't find the paprika."

"We're out. I told you to get

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