Challenge #01188-C093: In Sense'd


2) Remember that mystical "sight" thing the humans have? Well my kid is apparently a fan and now they're trying to do it too. -- Gallifreya


"I keep telling you to invest in aluminium upgrades," Angie sighed, adding just enough coefficient friction to slide Trevor off of the wall mount for the knives. "Why do you keep going near that thing, anyway."

"I couldn't find the paprika."

"We're out. I told you to get more."

Trevor looked blankly at her.

"Last week? I put it in your memo file?"

"Uuuuuuhhhh..." said Trevor. He got that constipated expression that meant he was searching his files. "I... don't have... a memo file?"

These were the things that made her life painful. "Of fucking course. You got your _head stuck on the knife block. UGH! I should just get rid of that thing and get a wooden one!"

Which gave Trevor a bright idea. "Hey, I could make a new memo file and put it on the list with the paprika."

"Just do me a favour and do that far, far away from any magnets?"


There was a cluster of junior Crystates and Pterops and some hushed conversation. The object of their interest was concealed by their furry bodies. Captain K'rik didn't much hold with children aboard a starship, but the new regulations were the law...

He endeavoured to be companionable.

"What are you pups up to? Nothing dangerous, I trust?"

The crowd flustered themselves into a line, and the apparent leaders quickly moved something behind their back. "No sir," squeaked a smaller female Crystate. "Nothing dangerous, we checked."

A slightly larger Pterops chirped, "T'tal!" in a reproachful tone.

They had to be the ringleaders. Children were far less effective at hiding their tells. K'rik didn't need the ships' human to read them with hir mystical 'sight' when these pups were practically shouting that they were up to something.

"Well if it's not dangerous, you can certainly stop trying to hide it," chuckled K'rik.

The assembled pups rustled uncertainly. Chirping doubtfully amongst themselves. "Er," said T'tal. "Our parentals don't like us talking about this..." she had a peculiar headdress behind her back. Rather like Lt-cmdr Jain's glasses. Only far thicker and with an assortment of technological aids. And... K'rik had to note... pup-sized.

With sinking certainty that he knew what the answer would be, K'rik asked, "And what is this?"

"It's a sight assistance device," gushed T'tal. Evidently proud of herself. "I've been asking Lt-cmdr Jain all about hir vision and ze's been helping us come up with this." She put it on and giggled. "It uses our vestigial occular capabilities and enhances the input from outside. And with practice, we're starting to tell colours apart! It's really amazing what Jain can perceive. Even though ze says... this... is... justafraction... ofwhat's... possible?" The little pup cowered in her place and eventually took the device off.

"It's really amazing, sir," said a pre-teen Pterops. "You should try one. We've been making them for all the crew when we're not in class? Only we want to get it right before presenting them? And we tried getting our parentals involved? But..." the pre-teen scratched nervously at the floor. "Um. Mam said it's heretical."

"We're in space, meeting life forms that are direct contradictions to the Holy texts," said K'rik. "I would think a little heresy is warranted." He checked his schedule. "You get your prototypes up to conference room twelve and I'll drag Doctor M'koi in for a practical demonstration."

The pups were ecstatic. But what K'rik was thinking of was the look on the old country doctor's face when he learned that light was real.

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