Day Five

A 4-post collection

Saturday, Plague Day 5, Recovery?

I'm feeling better and brighter today. I spent half the night horking up what felt like chunks of lung. So I have NO idea why I feel so firkin well-rested.

I am on antibiotics, which require me to eat something twice a day. A big ask for this nerd.

I'm waiting for my tea to cool, and I might have to take my horse pill with a dose of Shandy because I am actually hungry. This is a big deal for me.

I fed my starters this morning and may have a new way to enjoy the harvest. Add eggs, cream, and some sweetner, and it turns out kind of like a pancake. Something to keep in mind if I'm not feeling like something savoury.

I have used my voice without regret, so there's a hope that I can play some games this weekend.

I miss friend time in the game zone.

Story attempt happening soon.

Friday, Day 5, No Bread

I have the bikkie cooking, there's six active cases, and the bread I made on Wednesday has remained untouched. Possibly to teach me a lesson. "See? You did not need to rush to be sure we had bread. Calm down! Relaaaax.

My peeps. My dear darling peeps. I make bread because I care about you. Don't let it sit out and get mouldy or I will do murders... Because I spent time and effort on the bread and money on the flour.

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Tuesday - Day Five

Good things have happened. Hilarious things have happened. Tension is still in the air and there is dancing in the street. Biden won, Muppet refuses to say anything about it, and what was meant to be a concession speech happened in a parking lot between a crematorium and a dildo store.

Sometimes, in my more paranoid moments, I wonder if the right-wing is purposefully appearing to be incompetent, so as to soften the image of their impact to the left. Sure, we

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Thursday - Day FIVE!

Woo! Five days without idiots from over the border trying to bring restrictions back into fashion. Nine to go and I can actually go shopping without a mask on. Whee.

I, for one, am glad to add a new tag to my blog system.

In the news:

  • Pilots have been taking up Aussie farming jobs as a direct result of the cultural devaluation of farming jobs. People are complaining now. The job gets you 150K a year and they promise better internet
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