Saturday, Parkrun, Lurgi, and Shenanigans

Yesterday, I baked bread. Behold:
[Shown here: one large "cob" style loaf with huge splits in its floured surface. Some little seeds are visible in the splits. It rests on some parchment paper]

This is my "lazy" loaf. Where I don't really bother to divide it into two loaves. The bottom side is a little too hard and overcooked but the inside is everything you could want from wholemeal flour.

The little seeds are chia.

Next time, I'm going to weigh the chia separately so I can soak it before the autolysing, and also do the flour math. One kilo of flour minus the weight of chia seeds. And a little extra water to make it a little less stiff.

I found my silicone bread "tins" so the odds of two loaves has increased. I just gotta make sure I have the right kinds of fabric for the final proofs.

I have done my fiftieth parkrun, today. That's a cheev. It was also something of a cheev to do that in a very warm cape on a very warm day. It was so humid today that I practically had a bath during the walk.

Beloved has Lurgi, and it's a lurgi that's laid Adorable low. So she's going back to Adorable's to keep the bug away from me. I should very hope.

So I'll be taking her back to Adorable's shortly after I finish the day's offerings. I need a lot of caffeine and maybe a little napnap.