Challenge #04038-K020: Met Along the Way

A small band of human merchants come to the village. The village has never seen humans before, and were afraid, due to all the horrible things said that humans do to people like the ones here. These humans were not what they expected, in fact, they were really very kind. -- Anon Guest

To call it a village might have been something of an exaggeration. Most of the buildings were temporary structures to keep the wind away from the cooking fires or the bedrolls. What animal pens existed were also temporary things. Stakes and cord to keep the cattle in a specific grazing ground.

Harukh were nomads. Their lands were tough and hard, and so were their crops. And so were the Harukh. The only crops that could grow there would take years to reach maturity and required oral histories to locate again. They would not revisit this particular site for decades.

It was a mixture of pure chance and dumb luck that caravan of merchants found it.

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