Sunday, Change of Schedule

I am adjusting my weekend routine. Because I expect to have Beloved's attention for the weekend [Lurgi forbids it this time around] I am running the game early in the AM, taking a brief break, then doing my story stream after a little rest.

Theoretically, this leaves me the rest of Sunday to spend with my beloved.

I shall be starting that stream very soon now.

On the other hand, it does mean that I miss out on the Tale Foundry streams.

Small price to pay.

I'll still be doing the stories for the exercise value but because I can't attend the streams any more, they won't be put in for competition.

I'll have the backup reads on Mondays to share, but I might not be there early. Depends on Beloved's schedule on the mornings.

The kids absolutely DEMOLISHED my loaf, so it didn't even last 24 hours. I shall likely be baking again closer to Tuesday or somesuch. And I also need meds and so on. Lucky for me, payday is the upcoming Tuesday.

No schedule as to when I'll have an income of my own, but I know how to scrimp and save about stuff.

Story stream very soon.