Challenge #04039-K021: The Scapegoat Bites Back

The planet was polluted, the oceans were half-dead, the air was hazardous. The CRC were about to send in Pax Humanis to "begin the cleanup" when something ... strange happened. The planet was getting cleaned up, healthcare reform was happening, and people had proper equipment to survive the toxins. And who ordered this? Of all people, the NEW CEO who'd just taken over! -- Fighting Fit

The finger had been on the metaphorical trigger when the change in regime happened. It wasn't announced to the greater Galactic Alliance, merely celebrated as a "shining example" to other Deregger women. What they, too, could do with the right bootstraps.

Lies, of course. They picked her out as the highest-ranking representation of her gender so they could then push her off the Glass Cliff[1].

They did not figure on Thermidora Katafaulk's determination and resources. Her first order of business was to give all employees a thriving wage and therefore boost the economy enough for the next step.

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