Challenge #04037-K019: They Love a Challenge

The station is the height for entertainment. However, the odd part is, the most popular area is the areas tend to be where there are board games, rather than the electronic games, including very realistic VR's.

One human sets up a class for teaching people how to play chess, and havenworlders seem to not only have a knack for it, but find they often beat even quite skilled human players. They love it. -- Anon Guest

Most stations exist as places to pass through. Many of them also become places to live. Some, like Amalgam, just sort of happened that way. Some fall out of use and are turned to other pursuits.

Gleamingview Station long since ceased being a fuel and repair stop. It's moved through being a tourist trap, and is now something of a resort destination. And for those bored with the nebula visible through the viewports, there were plenty of other diversions.

Humans came here, so of course there was every game one could imagine.

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