Friday, Bread Part2, Shrink Day, and Further PLNs

I did some calculations and I put the dough in the fridge to proof overnight. Which means four hours to wait for it to thaw before I complete the rigmarole involved in making an entire loaf.

I have Toe Hurty happening, so I'm slow but not stopped.

The bread will begin happening after my zoom call with my shrink. So too will some of my side projects. I can record a chapter of Adapting while I'm waiting for the dough to thaw, and then tool around with maps for all of the rest of it.

I do have to find some clean fabric for the setting stage. That shall also happen after the zoom meet.

Which is happening very soon to now.

I shall create my offerings somewhere in the middle of all of it, and eventually have bread.

Chapter Count: Kind'a midway-ish through Chapter 363 of A Devil's Tale