Challenge #04036-K018: Stay Sharp

Multiple CEO's get together and put a major bounty on the heads of known Pax Humanis members. The Pax Humanis is a too effective weapon for the CRC. They are determined to slow it down. -- Fighting Fit

Several critical misunderstandings were involved in the resulting mess. First, that Pax Humanis was smaller than it truly was. Second, that eliminating the members they knew about would end the threat to themselves. Third, that the bounty hunter they tried to hire was not also a member. And finally, fourth, that they weren't already targeted by the CRC.

In their brief favour, they had actually banded together to work as a team for a unified goal.

Hunter Bear listened to the pitch with one raised eyebrow. It took supreme effort and some months wanting to be an actor for her to keep her face so stoic in front of so much direct irony. She took notes, accepted their pay scale, and flipped through their targets' folios.

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