Shrink Day

A 2-post collection

Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon, Shrink, and Dink

Plague news: Two new cases, both imports. There's sixteen total active cases, fourteen of them are in hospital. Australia's at 90.5% first vax, 83% fully vaxxed. Queensland's still last in the vax rate at 82% first vax and 70.5% fully vaxxed. Now that we're at 70% first dose, the borders are OPEN.

Bring on the plague carriers from NSW and Victoria, I guess.

Today, I have Patreon nonsense to share, a visit to the shrink, and fleshing out the third layer of the Mad Mage. Before I make a start on the fourth -_-

I am glad I gave myself time to build all this shit. Hell, just yesterday, I had to build an encounter map out of whole cloth because my players want to do a heist.


But it's Bus O'clock so I shall get on with getting on.

In the news:

  • Some fuckwit strapped a bomb to himself and blew up a Liverpool taxi rank
  • Drama at Triple M
  • Biden/Harris approval rating drops even more
  • Town in danger of flooding
  • Ex Aide to the Muppet says the orange one is a sore loser. Like, we knew, but thanks for the confirmation
  • Mr Paris Hilton has a secret love child
  • Plague protestors to face 25 years in jail
  • Man steps on oyster shell shard, gets infection in his foot
  • Streaker at a pizza shop
  • 4500 YO temple found in Egypt

And now... story and such.

Tuesday, Day 0, Headshrinkery Ho

My normal routine is on the road this morning. I shall be working on the lappy as I go a-roaming. My shrink is in for some edutainment today.

Thirteen total cases, and eleven of those are in hospital.

Also today is the official beginning of me staying the hell away from anything close to a carb. I have been indulging too much in my sweet tooth and its been getting to my health.

Not looking at the news. I have nonsense to

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