Shrink Day

A 18-post collection

Wednesday, Rant Incoming, Psych Day, and Sundry

I got myself a very crammed day, today. The daily offerings, the weekly rant, a telehealth psych appointment, and at least one side project to work on.


The telehealth's due in less than an hour, my Smashwords account is migrating to Draft2Digital, and I do not have enough hours in the day to deal with all the stuff I have queueing up for my conscious hours.

I don't know whether it's depression or old age that's eating my days with sleep. Or it could be my distractible arse just zoning out on the regular.

Getting off of that vicious cycle is going to be a whole process.

We'll see how that really works.

Onwards with whatever I can manage in between then and now.

Tuesday, Patreon, Bread, and Shrink Day

Just finished a telehealth call with my shrink. I have Wilson, my wholemeal Starter, incubating. They have a little over an hour remaining before the autolysing begins.

I'm pretty sure the amount of ice is responsible for my bread turning into sod loaves. So I'm back to being particular about the ice I use. It could also be that Wilson was still waking up last time and they'll be on full form sometime real soon now.

Hopefully, this time around.

I'll be

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Friday, Bread Part2, Shrink Day, and Further PLNs

I did some calculations and I put the dough in the fridge to proof overnight. Which means four hours to wait for it to thaw before I complete the rigmarole involved in making an entire loaf.

I have Toe Hurty happening, so I'm slow but not stopped.

The bread will begin happening after my zoom call with my shrink. So too will some of my side projects. I can record a chapter of Adapting while I'm waiting for the dough to thaw,

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Shrink Stuff

I just finished a telehealth session for my braining issues. And I still have braining issues.

I know I have a bad habit of overcommitting to various projects and then burning myself out. I can potentially recognise when it's happening, but... not. That. Well.

So I have my offerings to do, and maybe shopping if I can focus long enough to get the offerings done.

Wish me luck on that.

Despite stretchies, my wrists are starting to hurt. Dangit. I probably need

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Monday, Shrink Day and Foundry

It's happened. I had someone compare my WIP to the Bible. As in, the Good Book is LIGHT READING compared to whatever the fuck I have going on.

I'm sure other writers have been told to tone it down in the same way.

And I am once more called out for torturing the boy.


I am proceeding apace with the summary of Beauties, the recording of ADT. I haven't touched Stencyl, last week so my messing around there before tomorrow will

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Tuesday, Patreon, Shrinky Business, and Unriddling

I got a very helpful pointer for my work in Stencyl. The instructions as written didn't include one easily-missed step. Now I know what to do for all the rest.


Further bulletins as events warrant.

I have an interview with my shrink, amongst other business. Which now includes returning to the tutorial for Stencyl.

I'm at least going to try before I lean on Beloved to make the dang app. If I need her to do it.

Who knows? I might

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Shrink Day

I have what boils down to a phone call today, so you know that that takes care of the rest of plans.

I want to write an open letter to all the trans kids currently suffering under the brutal thumb of Right Wing Rot... but my emotions are gonna get drained enough through the shrinky stuff.

I might do an extra feature tomorrow. Time is of an essence with these kiddos. They need the support and writing is all I can really

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Tuesday, Patreon and Shrink Stuff

My Beloved chose not to hear a chapter this morning, so I have a chance to get a lead on her demand for my words.

I have a shrink meeting very soon to now, and after that I will get on with getting on with the usual expectations.

That being:

  • The Patreon posts
  • Summary
  • tags
  • The daily fic
  • Attempt a chapter or even two

I might mess around with Dyson Sphere Program later on. I dunno.

We shall see.

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Friday, Shrink Day and Shopping

I have to focus on getting my output up this morning because I'm out and about in meatspace! Those of you who read the titles of my entries here already know what I'm up to. For those who don't...

I'm seeing my shrink today, and shopping on the way back home. We need cream and I need snackabobs and the fam would love to have pasta sauce.

I'll see what I can get with what I've got.

In Devil's Tale news, I

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Wednesday, Crosssed Wires and Wordpress

I got miscommunication'd yesterday. Too used to shrinky events happening on Tuesdays that I didn't actually read the date, just the time.


So now I have to wait for the same appointment a second time. Yay.

Which also means that I shall be doing Tech Support under the threat of hellstorms because Climate Change Denial has been financed by our coal companies. Huzzah.

I might consider going out to MeMum's in the afternoon on the off chance that it will be

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Tuesday, Shrinky Dinks and Unriddling

I have a Telehealth shrink appointment today. Huzzah. I also have some technical difficulties to unriddle on the opposite side of Brisbane involving GoogDrive, chevrons, and whatever the heck my Mum is doing to view my chapters ;_;

I can't really get there until tomorrow, and BOM is telling us there's going to be cataclysmic rain sometime real soon now. Whee.

Next on my agenda is attempting to unriddle whatever the fuck is going on with OwlBear Rodeo so I can populate my

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Tuesday, Patreon + Shrink

I think I shall be kind to myself today. There's a lot to tax my energies in spite of my best efforts.

As the title suggests, I'm chatting with my Shrink, today. There's also the Patreon posts to do, as well as the chambering, summarising, tagging, and individuation to do.

On the plus side, I now have the shelf I got for my birthday installed. Well. Stage One.

I've yet to enquire about Stage Two.

Beloved has Wanderlust, so tomorrow's date night

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Tuesday, Patreon and Shrinky Dinks

I forgot I had a shrink appointment today. Whoopsy doodles. Fortunately, automated systems saved my butt and I can keep an eye on the time.

So I can rant about the publishing slog BUT I gotta remember to talk about self-blame and get some strategies because I need that AND I've been forgetting for a large amount of time. If I forget again, my Beloved will be ticked.

Chaos is going on an overnight thing again tomorrow, and she seems to enjoy

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Friday, Plague Day 11, Shrinkydinks

I need more sleep. I am pretty much constantly out of breath. I do still possess my sense of smell.

I have learned that I am better at doing things when I am seated. Which puts an entire kibosh on a lot of activities.

I have also had an incident with the low-blood pressure wooblies. In which standing up almost causes me to pass out.

Which, in turn, means that my Beloved is on my tail to imbibe more fluids. Bless.


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Wednesday, Wordpress and Shrinky Shenanigans

I derped, yesterday, and mistook the date of my shrink appointment for yesterday instead of today. Fun. So now I have more leftover anxiety to flop around about on Date Night. Yay.

I may or may not write about my first encounter with possible sexual assault later today. My shrink and my Beloved will be the only people who get a direct link.

In other news, a very dumb American state has passed a bill to "protect women" by... (reads the smudged

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