Wednesday, Wordpress and Shrink Stuff

I just finished a telehealth session for my braining issues. And I still have braining issues.

I know I have a bad habit of overcommitting to various projects and then burning myself out. I can potentially recognise when it's happening, but... not. That. Well.

So I have my offerings to do, and maybe shopping if I can focus long enough to get the offerings done.

Wish me luck on that.

Despite stretchies, my wrists are starting to hurt. Dangit. I probably need to do something else for my joints.

At least now I know to look specifically for knee supports for rheumatoid arthritis. Which is what I have had in my knees since age 16.

Beloved and I are having a night out with the kids, since this will be the last time before next year to deal with all of that.

So I'd best get on with getting on with things.